TURKEY SPECIALIST is a brand of PARASOL TOURS, an independent and privately owned tour operator founded in 1994. The company has excelled in providing custom-tailored luxury tour operations. We manage our high-quality travel operations and services from our own corporate offices and through sales contacts abroad.

Our main objective is to encourage and maintain the highest ethical standards of honesty and professionalism .  Accordingly, our professional staff is committed to providing the best possible services to international guests visiting our destinations. Hence, we make every effort to provide memorable journeys that differ from the mainstream approach. We rather emphasize on to the art, history and culture of the country. Above all, we customize the services in order to meet the expectations of the guests in harmony with the sterling reputation of our company.

Our company has wide business relationships that enable us to implement the services in the best possible manner and with competitive prices. The average employment time of our core associates is over 20 years. Therefore, the important benefits of our long-term team are their “confidence, security, and safety standards” that comply with all official and ethical commitments.

We have a proud history of providing the highest-quality travel services to all guests visiting our destinations. These satisfied clients, largely through ‘word-of-mouth’ testimonies, have introduced our company to many different entities. International travel companies, universities and religious groups that organize cultural, educational and recreational tours are expecially amongst them.

PARASOL TOURS Family welcomes travelers to our destinations…

The travel experience is a multi-colored mosaic of cultures, natural beauty and historical heritage of thousands of years. That offers the guests a complete change from the anxieties and routine of daily life. Often our guests find that one tour is not enough, and they will come back again and again as they will probably wish to discover one extraordinary place after another. We are committed to making all your vacations memorable and unforgettable experiences.