Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Whilst visiting the area one of the must-do things is to do a Cappadocia Balloon Tour. It is a life-time experience that you will be recalling forever. When on the board one will have a chance to watch the breathtaking aerial view of Cappadocia, unique to this terrain.

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Cappadocia balloon tours begin very early morning with a pick up from your hotel. Then the participants move to the take-off site and meet the fellow travelers. Thereafter, approximately 60-minute flight is ahead of you through which you can witness the unforgettable landscapes of the fairy chimneys and churches hidden in the colorful valleys scattered around the region. Fertile lands on which grapes, artichokes, potatoes and various fruits and vegetables are harvested will also add to the experience. Once landed, you will be celebrating the flight with the other participants by sipping a glass of champagne.

Balloon flights are carred out early morning in the smooth weather conditions. Unless the flights do not materialize due to the inclement weather conditions full refund is granted for all the participants

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Explore the picturesque Cappadocia from the air on a hot air balloon flight

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