Palaces & Pavilions

In the morning visit Maslak Pavilion, built during the reign of Sultan Mahmut II, but completed by Sultan Abdulaziz and used for hunting and resting place by Sultan Abdulhamid. Then proceed to Yildiz Park to visit Sale (Chalet) Kiosk, which resembles a hunting lodge and where a collection of exquisite carpets and furnishings can be seen, and Malta Kiosk, which dates from 1870 and once served as a prison: Imperial Porcelain Factory, opened in 1895 to meet the demand of the high quality European style ceramics; Yildiz Palace (Closed on Tuesdays), used to be Sultan Abdulhamid’s carpentry workshop, with the Theatre and Opera House. In the afternoon visit to Ihlamur Pavilion where Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecit entertained special guests including the French poet Lamartine. Then cross to the Asian side to tour Kucuksu (Goksu) Pavilion, built in 1956 as a resting place for the sultans and thereafter Hıdiv Pavilion, where Bosphorus can be viewed in its all beauty. Drive back to the hotel.